Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I want to edit or delete my message or gift before it sends?

You can edit or delete a message or gift at any point before it is scheduled to be delivered. To do this, log into your PerfectGift profile using your username and password. When you are redirected to the dashboard, your unsent messages will appear under the “Scheduled” section. You can either edit or delete them by clicking the appropriate button situated to the right of the scheduled message. If you choose to shift to a lower priced gift, you will be refunded the difference between that gift and your original gift. If you remove the gift entirely, we will refund the full amount, less any processing fees.

How will my gift be shipped to the recipient?

Our retail partners will take care of the fulfillment of all gifts. If you have any questions relating to their shipping process, you can directly contact their customer service teams. If your recipient would like to return their gift after it has been shipped, all-post selection returns and exchanges will be directed through our partners. We will include the relevant contact information in the summary email provided to you after purchase.

Why did my recipient recive a gift different from the one I chose?

In the PerfectGift gifting process, you are able to select and send a particular gift you believe your recipient would like to receive. In order to ensure your recipient receives the perfect gift, he or she will have the option to redeem the gift you sent or select a different gift of equal or lesser value from any of our vendors. Not sure what gift to send? Use the “PerfectGift” option we offer. Either way, you can rest easy knowing that your recipient will get exactly the gift he or she wants and you will be a hero!