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A great gift is hard to find - a perfect gift is near impossible. In early 2014 an idea to solve this problem brought together an MIT professor, a technology wizard, and a recent college graduate.

This idea of sending something into the future had a different and personal meaning to each of them. PerfectGift was born from the difficulty of finding the perfect gift. We've all been there - you THINK the gift will be perfect, but you're just not sure. It's stressful - no one wants to give a disappointing gift!

What We Do

We decided there is no benefit in the guessing game of gift giving. Why not create a service that allows you to send the perfect gift everytime, hasslefree?

PerfectGift enables anyone to schedule messages and gifts now and into the future. Simply choose a gift, select a date, and send! We'll take care of everything else. There is no need to worry - if your recipient doesn't love your gift, they can exchange it for any other gift on our website. Guessing is a thing of the past - choose a gift from your heart, without the pressure of the gift not being perfect. This is PerfectGift.

Be There When You Can't

About Perfect Gift

The Perfect Gift team culture and technology have their roots as in their affiliation with and education from MIT and Harvard. The years of collective technology expertise generated the proprietary software application Perfectgift Finder, which enables users to electronically exchange gifts received, a key functionality unique to ThePerfectGift.us. This and other patented core technologies were developed as a result of MIT’s media laboratory’s work and with The Department of Defense.

The management team consists of experienced senior business people with a history running HP, Compaq, and other Fortune 100 companies. Altogether, they are responsible for $16 B in Mergers & Acquisitions and founding companies with market cap in excess of $10.6 B. PerfectGift.us has found that combining years of industry experience, including management by MIT faculty members and current C-level executives at major companies including Samsung and Amazon, with the passion and creativity of recent MIT graduates is the best formula for a dynamic and consumer-friendly shopping experience.

Specifically, PerfectGift.us draws on finance expertise from the head of the largest investment bank in India and the former CFO of the largest grain company in the midwest. Our senior technologist developed the security software used by the FBI and eBay.

We also consider our partners part of our team. Relationships established with major merchants through the executive program at MIT enable ThePerfectGift to offer a broad and eclectic range of gifts.